Planning and Conceptualising

Give us your requirements and let us brainstorm for you a perfect cup of idea.


We storyboard for visual representation of our idea.


Fixer / Producing

Let us help you put together a set of professionals on the job for the perfect shoot outcome.


Awesome on every device

Our setup enables us to stream across various markets via live streaming platform.

Seamless setup

Our team develops a seamless plan to incorporate your live streaming plan , broadcasting onto different platform using programmes such as OBS, Wirecast or social media etc.

Unique Design

Contact us for more info!

We Are Producers

We look at various ways to implement an idea into a concept, thereby introducing fresh elements into a visual flow, taking into consideration of your budget. Our experience and wide array of skillset made us a notable production house in the industry.

1. Directing

We direct your TVCs and Corporate videos with our in-house directors


We produce, and assemble every tiny little details for you.

3. Editing

Offline and online editing by our awesome editors.

4. Production

Presenting the final video with satisfaction